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Does it hurt?

 Acupuncture needle is very fine like your hair, and  lots of people don’t feel anything.  However, if it goes to the hair follicles ( even where no hair area, there’s a follicles ) , it may sting, if this occurs, the practitioner will then reinsert the needle.And it should be no problem. 

what if I’m late ?

 most of the time , punctuality is essential as if you are late, we might need to cut treatment short for next patients.

 Can I exercise before or after the treatment? 

 Generally 2 hrs before and after as quiet period is recommended to get full effect of the treatment. 

What do I need to bring? 

 Just yourself with comfortable clothes as we need to access legs to the knee and also the back. we cover you with clean towel to protect privacy. No Dr.'s referral necessary  unless you are on the work cover. 

Can I claim on private health insurance?

 Yes we are fully accredited by Australian Health Practitioners Registration Agency  and Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association. we give you a receipt with provider No. so that you can make a claim. 

Are needles reused?

 NO , ALL needles are disposable , so there is no chance of cross infection ..


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