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 Acupuncture Clinic in Glenelg

  Japanese Style Acupuncture is one of the best healings methods in the world.Though its birth was in China it came to Japan through Korea in the 6th century, since then it has become a popular practice all over the world. Unlike Chinese Acupuncture which stresses on herbal medicines, Japanese Acupuncture gives strong emphasis on touch, abdominal palpation and thinner needles.
Japanese Acupuncture gives a lot of emphasis on refined sense of touch, making touch and observation a vital point to a Diagnosis. It gives a great emphasis on abdominal palpation than on the tongue diagnosis. It is perceived that abdomen gives us information about our whole body and thus easier for the treatment. This practice also requires careful location, and use of minimum level of stimulation, giving the patients a sense of relief. This treatment uses thinner needles in the acupuncture points providing the patients feel very less sensation in their bodies as they are inserted shallowly on some points. This holistic approach can solve the patient’s most complex problems all because of its efficiency and precision and take up the problem as a challenge.
This method uses traditional but more refined ways to give you a sense of well being after the treatment. So when your back pain is getting worse or you want to lose weight or some complex issues have been troubling you from a long time you can avail any Acupuncture Clinic in Glenelg. Our sole motto is to provide you the best treatment even for your worst problem.
  FEATURED SERVICES Biomeso therapy we are not only practitioners of acupuncture...We do the Biomeso Therapy which is a Homeopathic remedy enhanced therapy. Practioner makes homeopathic remedy for your condition ( ie Joint pain ) then it sprayed to under your toungue, that way reveal the mid brain that there is a imbalance in joint. Then practitioner has to inject Saline solution to acupuncture point so that Brain recognizes where to Fix And it Hydrate the area simply because of the Water.

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ASYRA Bio electric medicine scan system we are not only practitioners of acupuncture...
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Arthro Kinematic Approach we are not only practitioners of acupuncture...

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Moxibustion we are not only practitioners of acupuncture...

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DO’s Show up on time, if you are late it might have to cut the time to be fair for the next patient. There are EFTPOS facilities available. Please Turn mobile phone OFF upon arriving  Ask lots of questions and let us know if you are nervous or unsure of anything Feel free to call or email  to ask questions DON’TS Please Avoid vigorous exercise right before or right after,Nor Come with totally full stomach
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